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We delight in seeing fine paperweight artworks accepted into the collections of museums. These we will refer to as Acquisitions.


Institutional acquisitions provide the best showcase for the artist who has had significant involvement with the art world. It distinguishes those selections from other examples in galleries and most private collections. We applaud the museums that acquire these works as selecting art with a purpose that educates and excites the museum patron and board trustee alike while raising awareness of the artist himself and securing his place in art history.


These Johne Parsley paperweights were acquired by the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass, both during the artist’s life and after his passing. They were donated by collectors who had a keen sense of the Bergstrom-Mahler’s notable existing collection and needs. Additionally, Parsley himself donated one paperweight, Floral Bouquet: 1988 (PW 1988.5.1835), after his involvement with the museum’s outreach programs and appearances at national paperweight conferences.

Thanks to new gifts over the past three years, the Bergstrom-Mahler now has a total of 20 Johne Parsley paperweights as part of its permanent collection.


Paperweight 1987

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Three yellow wood sorrel flowers with leaves on orange double Spiral Latticinio, one top and six side facets. P” cane at end of the flowerstems. Signed JP-1987 AP” (Artist Proof).

PW 2020.7.3989 


Wild Pansies 1991

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

The hallmark of Johne Parsley paperweights is his wild pansy design. Here are two Johnny Jump Ups  vibrantly reflected in violet, blue, and yellow. Six green leaves on arching stems support these floral blooms. Blue “P” signature cane is encased.

PW 2020.7.3980 

Gift of Gary and Marge McClanahan

as part of the BMMOG New on View


Early Lampwork Red Flower circa 1984

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)


Small fantasy red flower with petals and yellow center with red bud mark an early weight by the artist. A crown of straited green leaves surround the flower and balance on each side of a main stem.
7 x 1 facets.

PW 2020.7.3982

Gift of Gary and Marge McClanahan

as part of the BMMOG New on View


Daffodil and Pink Flower Bouquet 1992

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Two striking bouquets of yellow daffodils and pink flowers with white tips come to life as they float over a cobalt ground. A garland of nine green leaves support a pink bud with a signature cane centered under the garland.

 PW 2020.7.3985

Gift of Gary and Marge McClanahan

as part of the BMMOG New on View

 Pink Dogwood on Cobalt Ground – Two Views 1990

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Finger-cut faceting magnifies a single Pennsylvania pink dogwood bloom with one bud on cobalt ground. Ten green leaves support this striking flower and embrace Parsley’s signature cane.

PW 2020.7.3987 

Gift of Gary and Marge McClanahan as part of the BMMOG New on View

Johne Parsley: Seven Flower Bouquet 1995

Seven Flower Bouquet: 1995

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Lampwork of six flowers in yellow, pink, and blue surround a single Pennsylvania dogwood blossom. A bouquet of green stems and leaves cascades behind the blossoms which unfold over a blue ground; white “JP” signature cane set in leaves.

PW 2014.11.2661

Gift of Gary and Marge McClanahan in memory of Gary's mother, Mabel R. McClanahan

Floral Paperweight: 1987

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Contemporary 6 X 1 faceted lampwork paperweight with pink rose, pink rose bud, and green leaves/stem float over a translucent cobalt blue ground. “P” signature cane at base of motif, and scratch signed JP-1987.

 PW 2018.14.3684

Gift of Gary and Marge McClanahan


Daffodils: 1993

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Yellow uranium glass, vaseline glass. Two yellow daffodils with two yellow buds, centrally placed in the composition. Flowers are surrounded by seven striped long green leaves. Composition rests on a layer of yellow uranium glass or vaseline. Faceting: one top and seven side facets. Bottom polished pontil. Signature: inscribed and blue/white JP cane centered at the base of the plant.Inscription: JP 1993 on the side below the signature cane.

PW 1996.1.1975

Miniature Fruit Paperweight: circa1980s

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Miniature weight with two peaches, two cherries, and two leaves supports a large top facet and six oval side facets.

PW 2020.7.3983

Collaborative Paperweight: 1986

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

and Gordon Smith (American, b.1959)

Pink flower with striped leaves and stem on green ground, scratch signed on side “JP-GES 1986. Probably one of a kind.

PW 2020.7.3979

Wildflower Paperweight: 1987

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Bouquet with one each of pink, white, blue, and yellow flowers and one red and yellow spike, stems, and leaves, all on transparent aqua ground, P” cane on stems, signed JP 4/90”.

 PW 2020.7.3984


Paperweight: 1991

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

A single red rose and striated leaves rest within a white latticinio basket. One top
facet and seven side facets. Scratch signed
“JP 1991” on side.

PW 2020.7.3990

Paperweight: 1991

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Two white flowers with upright yellow stamens and green variegated leaves surrounded by a white/dark blue torsade, translucent green ground, “JP cane in setup, signed “JP 1991” on lower edge.

PW 2020.7.3991

Miniature Paperweight: 1990

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Large white primrose and yellow knotweed with large leaves, yellow vaseline glass ground. “P” cane at base of leaves.
Signed “JP 1990”.

PW 2020.7.3988


Paperweight: 1990

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Two pink dogwood flowers with three variegated leaves on cobalt ground. Six side facets and one on top encircle the weight.

PW 2020.7.3986

Paperweight: circa1990s

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Large faceted weight with three red and yellow peaches with leaves, single top facet and ten side finger facets.

PW 2020.7.3981

In the mid-1980s, it was the influence of the glass artists at WheatonArts who ignited Johne’s career in creating paperweights. Two of his early paperweights are on display at the Museum of American Glass, a part of the WheatonArts community in Millville, New Jersey, which Johne so dearly loved.


Floral Bouquet: 1988

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Yellow and red wood sorrel spikes are part of a lampwork floral bouquet including 4-five petal flowers in pink, blue, white and yellow gathered with green leaves over a translucent aqua ground. Dropped “P” signature cane.

PW 92.001.011

Museum of American Glass


Millville, New Jersey

Gift of Johne Parsley


Hallmark Paperweight: 1988

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Two purple and yellow Johnny Jump Ups are balanced by arching green stems and leaves floating over a clear ground. Blue “P” signature cane. 6 x 1 facets.

PW 92.001.0105 

Museum of American Glass


Millville, New Jersey

Gift of Johne Parsley


Dogwood Bouquet 1989

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

A triple bouquet of three white dogwood blooms is adorned by nine striated leaves and two white and red knotweed flowers.

The bouquet is set on a cobalt ground and signed with a P cane.

2-7/8" x 2-7/8". (7.3 cm x 7.3 cm)

PW 1998.1.261

Currier Gallery of Art 1993

Manchester, New Hampshire

Paperweight from the

Henry Melville Fuller Collection

March 20 - June 13

Colorful Spring Bouquet

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

A bouquet of pink, white and yellow spring flowers are accented by yellow and red knotweed and adorned by 19 leaves centered over a blue ground.

JP - 1991, engraved, on the side.

Signature "P" Cane.  2-5/8"

PW 2001.001.0327

The paperweight collection of

Donald C. and Ruth C. Smith 

Texas A&M University

College Station, Texas

© 2022 Copyright by Great Lakes Paperweights, Ltd.

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