It's always a treat to turn up a finely-crafted paperweight by Johne Parsley in an auction.  People seem unable to part with them from their collections, so they are not typically available in a normal competitive sale.  And when they are, it's one at most. We've seen spirited bidding over these little treasures!  Here's a sample of the latest from The Dunlop Collection and Selman auctions.  If you see a Parsley paperweight at auction, please let us know through this website.  We will follow up to post it here. As we continue to develop this column, we will also post where you can find Johne Parsley paperweights in public collections.  Enjoy!

Selman Auction Lot 174Johne Parsley.jpg

L.H.Selman Ltd. 80th Paperweight

Auction - Winter 2022 #174

Pink Flowers

miniature paperweight: 1985

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

A Two five-petaled pink flowers, each with yellow filament centers, top the ends of thin green stems in a bouquet with five bladed leaves.  Transparent cobalt blue ground.  Signed/dated.  Good condition.

Diameter 1-5/8" 


Present bid as of March 1, 2022 - $1000


L.H.Selman Auction #79

Rose Bouquet

miniature faceted paperweight: 1991

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

A Two light pink wild roses and a furled companion bud are joined into a bouquet, on radiating variegated green leaves, with a central signature cane. Transparent sky-blue ground. Ten fluted side facets. Signed/dated. 

Diameter 1-13/16"


Sold - $1300


L.H.Selman Auction #79

Dogwood Bouquet faceted paperweight: 1989

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Three notched pink dogwood flowers are spaced below two racemes, one with yellow buds and one with red buds, with sprigs of three leaves. The flowers are arranged into a bouquet on gathered stems. Translucent cobalt blue ground. Signature cane. Signed/dated. Fair condition.

Diameter 2-3/4"


Sold - $1700


Current L.H.Selman Auction #78

Daffodil Bouquet: 1995

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

A pair of dimensional yellow daffodils tops a pair or buds, on arching stems, spaced by stems of green leaves to create a formal bouquet. Transparent yellow ground. Signature cane. Signed/dated.

Diameter 2-5/8"


Current L.H.Selman Auction #78

Dogwood Blossoms Branch Faceted: 1996

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Three red-tipped white dogwood blossoms top a pair of pink dogwood blossoms, each with cleaved petals around a central tuft of filament stamens, grow on a branch in a formal bouquet, along with two little pink buds and small green leaves. Translucent turquoise ground. Seven and one facets. Signature cane. Signed/dated.

Diameter 2-3/4"

Johne Parsley: Trio of Red Roses 1987

Trio of Red Roses: 1987

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

Three dimensional red roses each sit on a star of five sepals at the top of a curving stem and are joined by a solo companion bud. Cobalt blue ground. 6 x 1 facets. Signature cane. Signed/dated.

Excellent condition.

Diameter 2-1/2"


Pansies: 1988

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

This pretty, simple bouquet from 1988, exhibits Johne’s nice delicate approach to lampwork. Two of his signature pansies are joined by a single, tender bud and leaves that appear to float in clear crystal. 6 X 1 facets. Signature cane. 


Excellent Condition.

Diameter 2-11/16"

Johne Parsley: Daffodils 1993

Daffodils: 1993

Johne Parsley (American, 1916-2009)

1993 daffodils miniature paperweight. A pair of very small exquisite yellow daffodils looks upwards in reverence to the sun, as they rise from a fan of bladed leaves with two little buds. Rare transparent Vaseline yellow ground. 6 x 1 facets. Signature cane.


Excellent condition.

Diameter 2-1/8"